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Posts tagged ‘Cleo Dubois’


Remember in my docu-film “The Pain Game,” how I expressed my preference for Madame, rather than Ma’am or Mistress? Being greeted that way with a smile, without having to ask, was... just grand!

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Sweet Déja Vu!

There I was at Oakland’s palatial Scottish Rite center turning all these fresh young faces on to the joys of kink. The room was charged with erotic energy, the tech right on and the working crew all in sync, down to a ...

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Venus in Fur

Oh I am tickled pink! Not only did I love "Venus in Fur," the new American Conservatory Theater production enough to see it again last night, but my friends' wonderful comments on the play...

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Playful SM

Playful SM is one of my favorite ways to share erotic energy with my partners, especially at public play parties! I rather enjoy the contrast of intensity and fun that a little call and response allows. A little smartassness goes a long way, giving me a bit of ...

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