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Cléo Dubois, Kink Educator, BDSM Coach, Consultant

Hello!  My name is Cléo Dubois and I have been active in San Francisco’s Leather community for 30 years.  I started in my kinky life by attending the first Dominant Woman class taught by Kat Sunlove.  In 1981, I joined the Society of Janus and began to attend classes taught by other luminaries of the San Francisco Leather scene such as Gayle Rubin, Patrick Califia, and Alan Selby.

My early explorations brought me to an awareness of the various nuances of conceptual SM, especially in terms of the importance that personal archetypes can have in play.  Then I began studying theatre improv and somehow it all clicked!  Sexuality, Ritual, Performance, Intuition and Intimacy!

I entered the field of professional dominance, reaching under the surface, beneath the facade, and going for the energy!  I did my best to tune into what was real. Those who trusted me with their SM secrets taught me a great deal about the importance of having your needs met.  I felt proud to be able to help closeted clients release themselves from shame and to give them a safe place to explore their fantasies without judgment.

As I began to gain recognition, especially for the body-spirit-heart connection with which I embued my work, I turned my attention to sexuality education.  I have been a guest lecturer and teacher at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Society of Janus, and The Exiles – San Francisco. I have also been an invited speaker at San Francisco State University, and University of California, Berkeley.

In 1995, in response to the many  misconceptions about kink and the growing need for a safe place to learn and explore BDSM from an experienced professional, I founded the Academy of SM Arts.  I also began to offer personal consultation, coaching, and mentoring to individuals and couples, services that you can learn more about at my website,

I now work as a BDSM educator, writer, documentarian, ritualist, and personal trainer in the kinky arts.  As a body ritual enthusiast, I conduct Spirit + Flesh shamanic ritual/workshops with my life partner, Fakir Musafar. I consider this ritual “a personal dance of ecstatic fire.”

I am still passionate about helping people enter sacred space in their play, no matter what that play may be — it is this understanding and awareness that I hope to share with the stories that I present in this blog.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

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