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Hot Off The Press!

What a great day!

My brand new website about private guided play and mentoring is up. Take a look! It should look good on your phone, tablets etc.  

Photo by Stephen Lam, special to the Chronicle

Today as well, hot off the presses! Fakir and I are featured in the SF Chronicle. We are honored and really enjoyed meeting Carolyne Zinko and photographer Stephen Lam.

Here is a picture of Fakir and me not in leather  

The article is titled “Couple brought bondage and body piercing out of the dark” and here’s your direct link to it online:

The day before Folsom Street Fair, ah, the memories! I have only missed one since the start. In the 80s, the ravages of AIDS and the political voices that forced all the Folsom Street area gay baths to close provoked neighborhood activists to hold the first Folsom Street Fair to emphasize the positive! I was there in 1984…along with LGBTQ Historian, Dr. Gayle Rubin, and blogger activist Leatherman, Race Bannon.  Two years ago, Race and I were honored to receive a key to Folsom Street.  We persisted!

I went back to Burning Man this year. You probably do not know that I was an early “Burner.”  I started to go to the playa in 1994.  As big as Black Rock City may have felt to me this year with some 70,000 people, Folsom Fair attracts over 500,000 people to San Francisco for what really is a whole week’s celebration of Leather. Play. Dance. Party. Community. As my mentor, Mark Thompson, wrote in his 1991 groundbreaking anthology called “LeatherFolk,what links the authentic leather world together is an upfront sexual attitude.  True leatherfolk see black leather…as a still daring symbol of cultural transgression and personal transformation…and the urge is to push…boundaries on the sexual frontier as far as they will go!”

Just what does that mean to you?  What is an upfront sexual attitude?  And how do leatherfolk really do that?  

Photo by Stephen Lam, special to the Chronicle

Despite more BDSM classes than I ever thought I would see at an event like Burning Man, I wonder if something important has been lost in our desire for visibility and acceptance.  Called “old guard” protocol by some, or jokingly “middle aged guard” as in pins by Laura Antoniou, there’s lots of talk about whether Leather fits under the Kink Umbrella or not.  Here’s what Fakir says, “Leather challenges the last taboo; the use of the body and erotic energy to explore spirituality.”  

Here is the picture of Fakir and me in leather!

Whips, canes, collars, and boots, cared for, cherished and used with grace and skill for the greater good of their intimate connection. You give and you get, you control and you surrender, you serve and are served, always encouraging each other. This continues to be my work.  Bondage/Dominance and Submission/Sadism and Masochism are intense tools and kink inclusive.  Our real power is power within, with integrity, compassion and respect for life.  That’s “what love and community’s got to do with it.”

In kink and leather pride, with heart


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