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For the Love of Ritual

It is time again! I am ready for  Burning Man. Playa life, art, community and rituals. Yes,rituals. Do you know that this year’s  huge desert  gathering  is dedicated  to Radical Ritual?

Burning Man  is a “radical ritual” unto itself;  I  felt that long ago in 1993 or 1994 when I first   went to the Playa.

I cultivate long time relationships.  Steve Mobia and  I were very close before I embraced BDSM in the 80s. Our adventurous spirits connected and our friendship endured. A wild artist  he  was amongst the original Cacophony Society members who went on the “zone trip” to immolate the Burning Man on the Black Rock Desert in 1990.  In Burning Man’s early years . He was the original Lamplighter, visionary , organizing and running the Lamplighters from 1994-1999. His flaming helmet is now part of Burning Man’s historical archives.


In his burner journal he wrote:

“For those who have just started attending Burning Man, you may not even notice the many hanging lanterns that dot the major streets in Black Rock City.  At one time these lanterns (along with the lit neon on the Man) were the main navigation on dark nights in the desert.  Though the increasing presence of generated electric light has made the hung lamps less necessary along the city streets, the ritual of Lamplighting continues and is one of our oldest traditions at the event.”

A powerful community ritual honored  on the Playa.   lamplighters-temple-of-transition-Philip-Safarik-665x375.jpg

I have not returned to the desert or a few years but with the theme Radical Ritual how could I not  now? I  am a BDSM educator and ritualist .

The word radical  I have often used in radical touch, radical sexuality. It often means   breaking of boundaries and a shedding of restrictions. But radical it also means    fundamental needs of what it is to be human:  Holding connections sacred, valuing  art,  and being present in flesh, heart and spirit. Connected,  in the flow some would say.

Larry Harvey wrote: “Were we to remove all soul and all spirit from experience, we would be left with little more than what William James once called, “a cold and a neutral state of intellectual perception.” In such an arid landscape, there would be no urgent meanings, no riveting purposes, and the juice of reality would be squeezed out of the world.”

I am bringing pictures of Kali to gift travelers and needles and sterile cords for the needle pull I envision to experience  in the Temple as a gift f to Kali and  call to Ganesha ‘blessings.  Inow  see  the timeline of my  journey  as a ritualist .. May we have peace, may we be happy, may the light comes. May we continue standing up and living our passions! In Kink, with heart, Cleo 14192085_10154117589194748_5382470824668113153_n.jpg  Temple of Atonement Burning Man 2004 – branding “the Man” with Fakir.

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