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Different Loving Too

Dr. Gloria Brame’s “Different Loving Too” is the follow up study of BDSM through the eyes and hearts of many of its practitioners, followers and devotees of her groundbreaking first book published in 1993 by Random House.  Now available on Amazon, intimate revelations, deep soul searching and heartfelt stories of growth abound!  

When Gloria interviewed me 25 years ago I was a caring sadistic Domina who had recently married Fakir.  Fakir and I met at the Society of Janus, then the only SM educational group in the West.  I was fascinated by his body play experiments and rituals.  He was such an intriguing and unique presenter!


Connected in Ritual

Fakir and I were honored to participate in the first Different Loving.  He pioneered piercing, corsetry, pain as a vehicle for trancing, suspensions and sensory deprivation journeys as a door to transformation.  These seeds of kink have blossomed into many communities here and abroad.  We are not alone in valuing the intense physical, emotional and spiritual connections our lifestyle brings us.


Needle Pull at my Intensive


Fakir at SusCon Italy










Along with Sybil Holliday and the late William Henkin’s “Consensual SadoMasochism”, “Different Loving” has been required reading for those I initiate and mentor on their kinky journeys. Sybil and William wonderful voices in both books lead the charge toward mutually satisfying intimate relationships.

“Different Loving Too” will welcome you home. And I understand that if you get your copy on Gloria’s site, she will autograph it for you!  

Gloria’s often suggested I write my memoirs!  And while I’ve thought about it, the more I read other’s efforts, the more difficult I know it to be.  With 6 Intensives a year, leather conferences, other teaching venues and the private rituals and guided play I first and foremost love to do in my own space, I barely have time to blog more than once a month!

Being interviewed is a short cut I enjoy. I participate with honesty and an open heart. When I retire, which is NOT tomorrow, I will make the time to tell my story.  It will start with how the confusing message of abuse and humiliation through my catholic teenage years gave birth to the strong and happy woman I have become. Along the journey I found tribe and a loving kinky chosen family.

Pride 05 Us WWeaving spirituality and kink together took me from wounded child, to rebel, to warrior, to pleasure seeker, to lover, to healer, teacher and consummate ritualist.  I still believe in the magic of flogging, piercing, fisting, control and surrender rituals we create one on one and in community.  It is my work and my passion.


Cleo & Fakir Hook Pull Ritual Italy 2015

And you my readers, tell me what makes you whole?

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

My Erotic Dominance Intensive weekend for Women Tops and Switches March 4-6 is almost full.  There’s room for you though!  You’ll find details and the application questionnaire at!  The Men’s Intensive follows May 14-15 and both are at the SF Citadel!  

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