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Extreme Ritual Art

Every summer since 1996, I have joined my kinky tribe in the woods to receive two piercings on my upper chest and, tethered to a rope or the firm grip of a friend’s hand, I pull.  Hard.  Harder.  Why? To me it is a body meditation, an energy prayer, a way to re-center and be still, a ritual of the heart.


A couple of weeks ago, we were in a secluded, shaded, sacred redwood grove.  The ritual took place as planned and lives in my soul.  What I did not expect was the large number of those in our tribe who wanted to suspend. We witnessed, we encouraged, we held space…. I felt  strong energies and witnessed transformations.

unnamed-4Who would have thought that suspensions would grow so big, not only here but pretty much everywhere on this continent and in Europe. I remember the first suspension I saw, besides Fakir’s O kee Pa in the early 80s. I will never forget, as it was the precise moment I fell in love with him… he was out of body. Really!

unnamed-2In 1995, we were in Penang, Malaysia during the yearly Thaipussam Festival.  Soon after our return, we introduced energy hook pulls to our tribal friends and body piercers attracted to body/spirit explorations. Sterile hooks biting flesh…

Fakir published photos in his magazine, Body Play.  A student of his, Allen Fallkner, eagerly embraced suspensions and created TSD, Traumatic Stress Discipline, the first modern suspension group in the US.  His focus was not flesh and spirit, but rather flesh and stress discipline in 1992.  Fakir and he spoke at the APP this year after Allen’s presentation on why to suspend.  We agreed that it is not an easy ordeal to be taken lightly or to answer a dare with bravado.  Just because your friends do it is really not a good enough reason.

Many have suspended off hooks and found a profound path there for self-explorations, trance states and transformative illuminations.  Some have even had out of body experiences.

And then, of course, there is a pure place where art and spirit merge.  flighttospirit146_1500

Luna Duran is such an artist. We worked with her in Texas in 2014.  When Luna flew, during Puja in that Dallas theater, everyone’s spirit was lifted.  You can see it on May’s blog post, take a look.

That spiritual side Fakir and I found has not been lost. Things take time to come full circle.  Watch, as Luna continues to work with big archetypes, beauty, integrity and heart.

Just had to share.  How do you feel after watching the video? I hope you will feel drawn to speak your truth and tell me.

locandinapresentazione_tnNext month Fakir and I fly off to Italy to do ritual work at the Italian Suspension celebration.  Seems to me that the more high tech our world gets, the more primal ancient rites re-emerge. And I say yes to that!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

On another note, the Women’s Erotic Dominance Intensive October 3-4 at the SF Citadel is almost full and the price goes up after September 1st!  Get in touch now and lock in the lower price!  Gentlemen can visit that website and sign up for the Men’s Weekend November 21-22!  For private instruction, visit 

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