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The Gifts of Play

The Society of Janus Hall of Fame Class of 2014

The Society of Janus Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Looking back at 2014 I can only give my thanks. I travelled to Mexico with my husband Fakir to witness the reclaiming of ancient facial piercings in the Latino culture, shared my love of ritual play at Dark Odyssey conference, brought my love of conscious Dark Eros to the quickly growing One Taste community both in SF and NYC and got inducted in the Society of Janus Hall of Fame.  I am  amazed, not only how fast time has gone by, but how satisfying it continues to be able to follow my passion.


SoJ_099Now that kink is mainstream,  I surely do not want BDSM to be just trendy.  SM is so much more than a fashion statement, you know, stand and model.  I remain inspired to share the sexual magic, healing and spirit that I found when I first came out.

Last night I watched The Normal Heart. What a flashback on the terrible reality of AIDS in the 80s. That is the very time I  found strength and healing in the leather community.

With the help of my life partner Fakir I discovered body rituals fueled by our psycho-sexual energies.  I became a Mistress and a ritualist. I  have learned to accept and respect that what I bring to those who come to me has intense power and is of real value.

I make my lifework playing, building, transcending erotic energy and mentoring others on their own journey.  The affirmations I receive from those whose lives I touch drives me to continue the work as they tell me that our play was an unforgettable evening and much more.

So here it is: what I call the Ritual of Play in the privacy of my dungeon  is my passion.  I cherish that feeling when the room vibrates from the energies we build together and sex magic comes to play.

I asked Sam ,my devoted “Boi.” to make a new page for my website. So please take a look and should you want to enrich your erotic life this holiday season, consider gifting you and your lover(s) your own time with me.

In kink with heart, and leather pride,

Cléo Dubois

fakir history pix 005

Click this Picture of Growing Pains for a link to my Interview from this November’s Issue. To find out more about the Society of Janus, visit …and yes, that is Fakir!


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