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En Français, Please!

At SOJ 40th with Angela

At SOJ 40th with Angela

The Society of Janus, the first West Coast educational support group for Leather and Kink, inducted me into their Hall of Fame on October 25 . What an honor!  The ceremony took place at the Armory/ fortress!  It  was an heartfelt evening  in the company of Sybil Holiday, Race Bannon, Guy Baldwin, Michael Rosen, you know… long time friends who gave so much to our kinky community. The Society of Janus is now 40 years old!! Thanks to the wonderful Janus volunteers who organized the event.

I met Fakir at a Janus meeting in 1981 and here we all are!

The Society of Janus Hall of Fame Class of 2014

The Society of Janus Hall of Fame Class of 2014

For many years now, I have been focused on sharing my love for ethical and hot BDSM with others who want more erotic power, pleasure, self-expression and intimacy.  I have become a gateway for folks coming into BDSM with the intent of embodied erotic connections. Still, sometimes an unexpected piece of magic  presents itself.

Brigitte and I connected instantly at a One Taste workshop I gave in New York City this fall.  She is 20, fierce, strong, kinky, sexual, shameless and french. She spontaneously offered her service to me.  What a rare opportunity to connect with someone who speaks my native language.  To my delight she signed up to volunteer as a “bottom” for this past weekend’s Intensive.

Like many of us, Bridgette is a switch. She already connects with the erotic archetype of the Femme Fatale.  At her age, however, I did not have the support or the self-knowledge she has, but I had that energy.  Playing with her is for me looking back in time and seeing my reflection as seeker and love warrior.

With my python Momo

With my python Momo

I was touched by her beauty, seduced by how directly she communicated with me. I chose her to be the main focus of the demo scene I improvise at each intensive.  Wanting a bit of ritual, I collared her for our play.  I wanted to hear french. I wanted her to sing while I flogged her, in french. And she did beautifully, an Edith Piaf song La Boheme (here done by Isabelle Boulay).

Funny how her voice en français, her beautiful body, the fire of  her youth embracing the flogging brought out my vulnerability as I remained in my Top space. I pushed my tears back, and had the students witnessing our play sing along to the refrain.

Brigitte's Marks of Service

Brigitte’s Marks of Service

As our scene developed,  I wanted to cane her proud derriere. She offered it after just a bit of hesitation.  I gave the six strokes she first agreed to and a couple more she said “oui” to,  just to please me . Once de-collared, when I asked her what her favorite moment in our play was, she said CANING! It surprised me and then I got it. She wanted to please me. In her submissive space, she wanted simply to give.

May you receive or give a gift that sweet; it is the magic of the holidays for me.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

To be so connected in trust feels deeply gratifying. Want to participate in an Intensive? Visit  or go to for my private practice with consenting adults.  Confidentiality guaranteed!


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