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Playa Pinch

Just finished a marvelous Intensive.  Many of my kinky friends are packing for  Burning Man.  Ah! That awesome forever-growing gathering of people from all over the world who build a ephemere utopic city in the Nevada desert I am missing this year.  A Society of Consent where all are free to express themselves in the spirit of creativity and cooperation for a week, and then leave no trace.

It was a few years ago, sitting peacefully at my camp, enjoying the parade of characters passing by, naked from only body paint to elaborate costumes, when a young man come waltzing in.  His oversized T- shirt was decorated with rows and rows of clothespins attached and across his chest read “The Clothespins Man.”  I just started laughing.  Naturally he looks my way, as I say, “no, no, don’t wear them on your shirt, really! Put them on your skin!”

c and f bird 2

Fakir as the bird Photo by Michael Rosen

“Really, why put them on my skin,” he asks innocently enough I almost believed him. “Well,” I demurred, “it alters your state of being and you might find it to be a turn on. May I clip them on for you?”  He agrees and our eyes lock as I put a row of 5 clothespins on his forearm.  Of course I just have to run my fingers along the edges where it’s super sensitive now.  He removes his T-shirt offering his nipples, just to try!  As he sinks into the sensations, he breathes deeply and his eyes show me he gets it now…

Another kinkster is born!


Flying at Burning Man! Photo by Rig Daddy

That evening in the Center Camp Cafe, Fakir, Sam and I decided to take the clothespins affair a bit further. Fakir sure was game.  We certainly had experience!

We added his sensory deprivation home made helmet to his pink polka dot bikini. Sensory dep, gender play and SM together; we will surely turn a few heads and have a fun scene.

I am thinking about all you burners; have a wonderful time! Explore a bit of unknown sensations. Enjoy the art.  Too bad we won’t be there branding the man on your shoulder … maybe next year!


Branding Alan at BM


In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Two great Intensives ahead: Women 45+ October 11-12 and Men November 22-23, both @SFCitadel in San Francisco! Click to apply!  And I am always available privately to consult, initiate and guide your kinky play!







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