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Discrimination on Folsom Street


My 2 Docu-Films

In 2000 I made my first film, a work of passion. The professional crew who shot it in my little dungeon and saw it to its completion, including a beautiful sound mix, were really into it. So were both my submissive play partners. I wanted to make a difference and show caring, real and intense BDSM play.  Over a decade later “The Pain Game” has been screened by many at sexuality classes, kink conferences and film festivals across the US and all the way to Paris and Copenhagen!  I’ve mailed over a thousand copies ordered through my website from as far away as Australia and New Zealand.  And now, I’m just about out!

So imagine my surprise when this week, I stopped in at a video duplication business on Folsom Street and they refused the job, saying it could get into the hands of children.  The manager made that decision by looking at the cover.  I said, “hands of children?  There are only three adults here.  This is an educational video that has been shown in film festivals and at universities and I am the sole distributor.”  I thought, Folsom Street, wow!  where the heart of leather lived. I stormed out, infuriated. This is not a country hobby shop.


SF Pride 2008

What’s happened?  Did the world turn on its head overnight? Did we not just all march in PRIDE?  Were we not just riding high on tolerance and acceptance?  Is it just an illusion? Although the DSM-V  took consensual S/M play out of the pathologies, we are not free yet to educate on the ethics, skills and thrills those called to this kind of intimacy need for safe, sane, consensual and fulfilling eroticism.

I want to continue make my work available. I just got another taste of that bad feeling a couple of months ago when Square cancelled my account linked to, my Intensive workshop site. And now Google questioning the ad I run with them for over a year. Argh!

What am I to do besides keeping on keeping on… so I will.

In kink with heart and leather pride,

Cléo Dubois

You can read about my journey in kink here , find my resume here  , and comment below!

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