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A Pūjā in Dallas?

10253946_757825967584980_2990622406396230543_nFusion of roots, archetypes, piercing, and good theater was Pūjā, the ritual performance on Easter Saturday. But wait, it was more. We called Spirit and Spirit came.

This beautiful collaboration with Fakir and CoRE was an offering, a Pūjā.  Put yourself in the mix: riggers, piercers, musicians, stage managers, props makers, lights, costumes, make up, rehearsal, things that could go wrong on a cold afternoon just before show time.  And then, everything found its place.

Fakir‘s talk illustrated traditional body suspensions bringing us all the way to now and the new tribe of folks into that practice.

Lauren and I greeted each spectator, one by one, “welcome home.”  On stage, two shamans together, walking the circle, calling for protection, Fakir and Steve















The Guruda guardians danced with their pierced red and yellow wings, blessing all with their fierce beauty.

Photo by Cléo Dubois

Photo by Cléo Dubois









The Lotus Woman, symbolizing the union of the four elements; earth, air, fire, and water appears on the elevated podium. She is lifted up high, spinning over the stage, cross-legged in air held by hooks in her back and top of her knees.  She is radiant!













The Fool/trickster appears. He is bearing a kavadi, a cage of spears poking into his torso, he spins around below the soaring Lotus.


Our Pūjā in Dallas

It is a feast of intensity punctuated by the piercing sound of cymbals. I am transported back to the streets of Penang during the Thaipussam several years ago; same energy, a festival, an offering, a Pūjā.

At its height, it falls silent for 5 seconds.

The Kali priestesses appear carrying Fakir’s big hooks.


He inserts them in his chest and pulling back, reveals the embodied priestess he is connected to. With each step he takes, she rises up in the air: Luna, pierced on her heart chakra, two hooks, open to the moment ascends through the line that connects them.



Luna and Fakir

Luna and Fakir












The magic is palpable, electric, loving, and we know that we have stepped into the world of archetypes. We give thanks, as our little selves, big selves and the tribe.

Here is the YouTube clip of the whole ritual now that you know what we did. Enjoy!

Of course a single camera from an audience member cannot capture all the magic.. but I hope it gives you a feel for it.

Indeed, Fakir and CoRE create “original and physically demanding works of theatre by blending the practice of performance art with extreme rituals both modern and ancient.”  As it’s director, Steve Joiner, said,”We in CoRE have suspended our own concept of physical limitation, pierced the heart of our fears, and transcended the boundaries of social convention in order to further the understanding of the corporeal and spiritual being. Ritualistic acts combined with traditional performance art and theatre provide us with a new outlet for artistic expression that enables the audience to join us on our emotional journey. By pushing our own boundaries in life and art, we inspire others to explore their own.”

The work has come full circle for Fakir, the dreamer and explorer from the plains of South Dakota long ago.

It’s also been an amazing experience regaling you with my true stories each week.  So many memories!  As you know, though, I live in the now!  And with so much going on, I’ve decided to break away from the Saturday morning story telling time so I can keep up with current events and our enduring alternative realities!  Besides, we are going on vacation! Stay tuned. I will return in a few weeks.

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Do it now, before you read on…thanks!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

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