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Tribal Act

What a wonderful surprise Suscon turned out to be last weekend in Dallas!  The suspension community is a new tribe of fearless folks with members all over the Americas and Europe.  Invited by Allen Falkner, the creator of Suscon, Fakir and I presented, along with CoRE, a ritual performance on Saturday night. .. and that we did!  I want the amazing energy to settle within me before I share with you my thoughts and images of what happened during that unforgettable evening of mind blowing energy.

We arrived on Friday and went to the convention hotel to take a look.  We stepped into a very well organized event, offering many classes on safe piercing practices and rigging for these extreme practices. I am talking about folks being suspended from hooks inserted in their skin, an intense variation on play piercing.

Fakir  O-Kee-Pa

Fakir O-Kee-Pa Photo by Charles Gatewood

I first came in contact with it 30 years ago, with Fakir, of course. He was inspired by the ancient rites of Tamal Hindus and Native Mandan O-Kee-Pa ceremonies.  He did his own secret suspensions as early as 1963, and allowed his Sundance and O-Kee-Pa to be filmed in 1982 for the documentary “Dances Sacred and Profane.”

For the past 20 years we have facilitated these shamanic rituals privately outdoors for kinky friends who wanted to travel inward.

We did not know what awaited us in the Dallas hotel ballroom.  Each suspension group had their own brightly lit floor area covered by a plastic tarp with a safe rigging apparatus.  Amazing rigs these suspension aficionados invented… and here they were, men and women, rocking, smiling, or quietly hanging, with gloved attendants watching for their safety.  The floor was busy and noisy and yet there was a sweetness in the air.  Look at her from Norway, happily hanging out, (clip below) or the young man all smiles, or him, suspended prone, calm and blindfolded. These ancient rites have a new life…


Photo by Cléo Dubois

Photo by Cléo Dubois


Photo by Cléo Dubois

Self- discovery, initiation in the presence of others, a new tribal subculture is here. They congregate, share their experiences, create new technologies for safe suspension with hooks in their pierced flesh.  The camaraderie among those who suspend, the riggers and the piercers touched my heart.   Know that these folks, just like the ancient ones, do NOT necessarily identify as kinky!! Explorers yet and perhaps also some dare-devilishness.

Photos and video clips were permitted and so was posting them.  Sheer contrast with Leather Conferences, where even carrying your smart phone is prohibited.  I spoke with several suspenders:  ”I found calm,” one said, “I really enjoyed it,” “I felt free,” and “I had fun!”  “I faced my fears,” “I felt loved and beautiful as I flew,” was what they said.

Safe landing to all who flew in the company of their peers. Thank you for welcoming us so graciously.  Next week, I will tell you about Flight to Spirit/Puja that took place Saturday evening at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas. I still have goosebumps just thinking about it.

It’s also been an amazing experience regaling you with my true stories from my life in kink every week.  So many memories!  As you know, though, I live in the now!  And with so much going on, I’ve decided to break away from the Saturday morning story telling time so I can keep up with current events and our enduring alternative realities!   But Suscon just happened, so here I am sharing with you, now and next week.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Often the first step for many is play piercing, and that is just one kind of kinky guided play I offer at in the privacy of my playspace.  The next Erotic Dominance Intensive is the Dominatrix Training 3-Day Pro Intensive August 15-17, followed by a special Women’s Intensive for those over 45 and looking for more!  October 11-12 at the SF CItadel.  All the details are on 





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