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Sweet Déja Vu!

Photo by Larry Colen

I had a great time last Saturday presenting at OMxperience!  There I was at Oakland’s palatial Scottish Rite center turning all these fresh young faces on to the joys of kink.  The room was charged with erotic energy, the tech right on and the working crew all in sync, down to a countdown clock right in front of me. Seeing my story on such a big screen charged me as well. Profound, yet, and FUN too.

Being in the flow, being turned on, it is the same message that attracted me in the 70s.  A very old memory just came back to me:  Monday night classes by Steve Gaskin  I attended at the Family Dog in 1970.

Photo by Gerard Wheeler

Photo by Gerard Wheeler

He was sharing with young men the tantric technique of  “Karezza”  to raise and hold erotic energy.  This time, Kink/BDSM is part of the course.

Thus the river of life meanders through different terrains, bringing us gifts and lessons at every twist and turn.  I focus on what connects us rather than that which isolates us.  As I shared my history with these 21st Century sex positive Orgasmic Meditators, I recognize that we seek the same things.

Photo by Larry Colen

Despite all the bells and whistles technology delivers, nothing replaces the look in another’s eyes, the contact our bodies make, the vibrancy of touch and vulnerability of emotions that intimacy allows.

Our life journey as humans is to connect heart to heart powered by erotic energy, our heat…and our sense of humor.

So, when that onstage clock told me time was up, I just had to cane the red, Cléo Dubois engraved clothepins off Lianna’s nipples – yes they were on her nipples, not just on her blouse – to end the scene.  After all, time is the ultimate Mistress of us all.

And we gave away 108 clothespins!  Sustainable bamboo clothespins, no less!  A very handy low-tech addition to just about any erotic energy exchange!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Have questions but don’t live in the SF Bay Area? Make an appointment to talk via Skype here!  Visit for consultations, initiations and private guided play.  



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