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Tribal Act

We did not know what awaited us in the Dallas hotel ballroom. Each suspension group had their own brightly lit floor area covered with a plastic tarp with a safe rigging apparatus. Amazing ...

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Piercing Purple

What a year it’s been so far! The enthusiastic welcome I received at One Taste’s OMxperience floored me! My work flourishes with full Intensives. And I...

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I am in a pinch getting ready for SusCon in Dallas , so I am not going to tell you another true story this week! However, if you read last week's post, you may be wondering ...

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Sweet Déja Vu!

There I was at Oakland’s palatial Scottish Rite center turning all these fresh young faces on to the joys of kink. The room was charged with erotic energy, the tech right on and the working crew all in sync, down to a ...

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