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Just One Taste?

I will never forget the first time I was invited to teach at One Taste.  I was about to flog a volunteer when I noticed a mosquito on the wall.  I didn’t even stop talking, I just nailed it with my tom cat!  Whoosh!  Of course, we all laughed. Almost ten years later, I am about to present for their big conference OMxperience in Oakland.  And I don’t mind admitting, I’m a bit nervous!

All these sex-positive people, raised to own their bodies and sexuality will get more than a taste of my journey into BDSM. I wonder how their turned- on kinky minds will respond. That three of my students at last weekend’s Intensive know the OM practice and were ready to embrace their dark desires is a good sign.

It’s remarkable that in a few generations, we have gone from the criminalization of SM and fetish (read the story of Irving Klaw here), zero sex education, pathologizing gays and kinksters to acceptance and appreciation. It wasn’t that long ago that my partner’s brother lost his kids as his bondage fetish was used in divorce court against him by his angry wife.

At an intensive ©Cléo Dubois

At an intensive ©Cléo Dubois

As shame recedes in our communal psyche around erotic appetites, more of us are willing to share our intimate fantasies with our partner(s). During the play party at the end of the Intensive I enjoyed prompting a sweet, naked, spread eagled Orgasmic Meditator to cross the bridge from her private sexy thoughts to loud disclosure.  “Tell me right now what’s on your mind!  You are on display, turned on and loving it!”   “I am a dirty little slut,” she whispered.  Of course I added in my  dominant voice, “Say it louder, we all want to hear it!”  “I am a dirty little Slut,” “LOUDER,” I commanded.  “I AM A DIRTY LITTLE SLUT.”


During Couples Intensive @SFCitadel

When pain does not hurt, humiliation is turn-on and bondage equals freedom, it is good to be heard breaking the taboo of good and clean.  Of course location, location, location does matter. The SF Citadel was the right place.

 Clear communication, compassion and will to stay true to yourself is key to good play.  Everyone, Top and bottom, has vulnerable moments.

I trust that my kink/leather journey will resonate at the OMxperience!  I am very excited to hear some of their great speakers!  Join me!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

My next Erotic Dominance Weekend Intensive is just 5 weeks away!  Dominant Women and Switches: enrollment is open now!  Click here for the questionnaire!  


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