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Lift Off!


Lord Ganesha

It’s not far to go from pulling on hooks pierced into your body to letting those hooks pull you off the ground! Hook Energy Pull Rituals led to suspension rites all over the Americas and beyond.  At first, most were personal and close circle ceremonies with focus and intention. Followers of Modern Primitivism wanted to connect with the spirit they found so lacking in “modern society.”  It also became a macho thing, “throwing hooks,” and Fakir was not amused.

So we wondered: can this amazing hook pull magic happen in a performance setting?  How many people can be simultaneously moved by the energy body rites exude?  Our yearly San Francisco Spirit + Flesh Ritual inspires no more than twenty at a time, sure, and as Fakir and I looked at the huge room below what used to be one tower of London Bridge, we took more than ONE deep breath.  It was 2007 and we had been invited to present a ritual suspension at London’s Torture Garden Fetish night.

We chose to call our performance “Initiation.”


Last year at Folsom Street Fair, we discovered the esthetics of Steve Joiner’s group, CORE (Construct of Ritual Evolution).   We were touched.  It was beautiful, theatrical and full of a deeply centered energy shared by the musicians, pullers and folks flying suspended by flesh hooks.  So many details go into making a piece the awe-inspiring SM performance that truly elicits the magic body rites encourage!


Tandem ©CORE

Sunday the CORE team came to our home to collaborate on the performance ritual we will bring next month to Dallas’ SusCon 2014, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world!

We saw eye to eye and heart to heart how to bring a big ritual together to folks whose focus up until now has been the physicality of the work.

It will certainly be an initiation for them and for us.

Texas here we come!

©Dallas Suscon 2014

©Dallas Suscon 2014


Please remember, do not try these flesh to spirit body rites unless you have a trusted mentor who has been on the journey before, knows the mechanics, the headspace and has all the safe equipment for takeoff and landing.

In kink with heart,

Clé0 Dubois

I’m currently teaching a full Men’s Intensive with Eve Minax and Selina Raven and enrollment is open for the Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women May 2-4!  Click here! to enroll in an Intensive.  For private consultations, initiations, guided play and rituals, visit 

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