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Playful SM

Cleo in fascinator by Mark I Chester

Playful SM is one of my favorite ways to share erotic energy with my partners, especially at play parties!  I enjoy the contrast of intensity and fun that call and response allows.  A little smartass-ness goes a long way, giving me lots of ammunition to tease and torment my partners. My latest class at the SF Citadel was about just that dynamic. I am not the only one; lots of people showed up.

My first demo model, Bill, appears all preppy in suit and tie, complete with bluetooth headset. He looks so straight and respectable.  When I tell him to take his clothes off, he offers me a lap dance!

Photo from Hot Cookie!

Anonymous Hot Cookie Photo

His pants go flying onto the cement floor revealing a pair of Hot Cookie underwear. He wiggles and shakes his butt…just a bit too close, though, and too macho! My hands fly to his butt cheeks as I ask, “Can I mark you?”  “Yes,” he answers, “for 15 minutes.”  What was he thinking?  What a brat, a true agent provocateur!

Of course that fired my imagination. Let’s see: clamping his nipples and scrotum sac, adding a clothespin zipper down his well-toned back, and paddling his hot cookies! Laughter and ouch mixed together, music to my ears! His fifteen minutes was up and none of these torments left bruises!

He had already given me permission as well as more than a few irreverent opportunities to slap him. I really wanted to wipe the ironic smile off his handsome face, so I did. That took him down a notch.  He was ready.


Wicked Evil Laugh!

Knowing his fear of electrical stimulation, I can feel him stiffen at the buzz of the NeonWand. I ground. Helping him focus, I touch, he accepts the zap of my electric fingers. Touch…zap!!  First on his nipples and then…his frenum.  No resistance, no repartee.  I feel like it is just me and him in the crowded room; that precious moment of acceptance I find so intimate.  We all take a deep breath!

Smart Ass Masochists and brats love to be teased. Playing these games, though, one must know their partners’ hard limits. It is important for the Top to notice the breath, body language, facial movements, sounds of their prey. It is a twisted mischievous game of action/reaction, call and response.

The second demo was that good masochistic boy with a bit of an attitude I’ve mentioned before.  I promised to loan him the last season of “Breaking Bad” DVDs.  Like me, he did not want to wait until Netflix released the end of the series. I thought a playful exchange was in order: his favorite, a good caning, for the DVDs.  How many strokes would he consider fair game?  I really enjoy caning, and did not want to do it as play punishment, not with Leo.

P1020776 2

Teaching Caning at an Intensive

Whoosh went the cane, landing on Leo’s pale ass cheeks, his pants down around his ankles. The room at the Citadel got very quiet again, all eyes on the action.  Soon his ass wore evenly placed pink stripes.  Wonderful SM intensity, but how could I bring a little playfulness into this exchange?  Ah, “Breaking Bad,” of course!  I asked Leo if he had had enough caning, “I could stop right now if that is what you prefer?”  Leo was thinking… “and,” I added, ”of course, if we stop now, I’d have to remove one of the two discs from the box set.”  Everyone burst into laughter as Leo proclaimed with gusto that he wanted more of my cane’s bites.  You see, being a bit of a smart ass is good, in my book.

Not all bottoms, masochists, and/or submissives want to offer their surrender.  Many of us like to be teased, embarrassed, challenged and taken…playful SM.

In kink with heart…and a smile!

Cléo Dubois

Dominant Men and Men Who Switch: there’s just one week left to enroll in the March 15-16 Men’s Intensive in SF.  Click here to reserve!

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  1. Lady viv #

    Dearest cleo thank you so much for this post. Please forgive my ignorance but, how do you clamp a scrotum sac? I am genuinely interested, and looking forward to putting it in practice as soon as i know what i am doing!
    Kind regards, lady Viv

    September 15, 2014
    • just pinch the skin of the scrotum sack and apply the clothespins one by one close to each other. Have fun!

      September 25, 2014

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