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When It All Clicks!

images-4Surrender is bliss.  When I bottom, I really want to give up all control.  It can’t be with just anyone! I have to trust and  respect my Top and oh, I do like to be wooed!

I arrive for our playdate and to my surprise, he opens the door wearing a black Stetson hat, muscle tank top, skin tight 501 jeans and highly polished, pointed toe Texan boots!  Strangely enough, under my long coat, I had dressed the part: short leather studded skirt and stiletto slip-on boots, just like the bad girls used to wear in the old spaghetti westerns of my teens.


My teenage crush!

He leads me down to his playroom and as he pushes the door open, we are greeted with Patsy Cline’s sad and passionate voice!  Another surprise: country western music for play?  Hmmm…. My silent objection to it quickly vanishes as he gallantly takes me in his arms and asks me to dance.   His caressing, rough and sweet, turns to deep kissing as we waltz around the polished wooden floor.  He holds my mouth to his until I am out of breath, releasing me to take another breath at the very moment I really need to – a sort of breath control that’s really sexy.  We are both quite hot by the time Mark orders me to unbutton his 501s..

Aggressive blowjobs are not high on my list of favorites, but Mark’s confident dominance ignites my fire. It’s so romantic, I really want to please him.  In fact I want to worship him.

He stands still, feeding me his cock so slowly, holding my head until tears stream down my face. I am totally consumed as my tears wash away those old memories of abuse. I am so in the moment, so vibrant! I am transported to a place of forever youth where I am again that 18 year old French wench enamored of a handsome American icon. As we get very primal, he takes me galloping into subspace with hot fucking and explosive orgasms. That night he is my dream cowboy and we ride into the sunset together!

images-2I don’t get to play with Mark as much as I would like to, yet each time we get together, it is sublime!  A Masterful Switch and sophisticated sensualist with calm confidence, he knows how to build erotic energy with me.  Wonder what it is like to travel that way?  Ecstatic bliss is, for me, one of the most profound gifts in life.  Breath, presence and being willing to give and receive with an open heart makes for good chemistry.

It may feel spontaneous, but look closely at each step Mark takes; it doesn’t just happen.  From  stepping with confidence into a role that suits his sexual personality to setting the stage just right, Mark gave a great deal of thought to creating the scene he wanted.  This soft spoken cultured professional in daily life, Mark’s play persona allows him to go primal in the privacy of his beautiful dungeon. And he really kept me wanting to go for what he had in mind.  Erotic Dominance at its best!  Build your skills and confidence at my next Intensive March 15-16 in San Francisco.  May 3-4 will be for Dominant Women. Switches always encouraged!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

When I’m not blogging my true tales of the SF Leather Scene, I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and teach Erotic Dominance Intensives in San Francisco.  Click here to contact me via Skype.

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