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Playful SM

Playful SM is one of my favorite ways to share erotic energy with my partners, especially at public play parties! I rather enjoy the contrast of intensity and fun that a little call and response allows. A little smartassness goes a long way, giving me a bit of ...

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When It All Clicks!

Surrender is bliss! When I bottom, I really want to give up all control. It can’t be with just anyone! I have to trust and respect my Top and oh, I do like to be wooed!

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Cat, Dog and Human Wear Them

While many of us incorporate M/s or D/s in our BDSM play, not everyone is drawn to the M/s lifestyle. Master/slave and Dominant/submissive relationships are radical erotic agreements that involve the gift of self.

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The 4 A’s

Even 26 years later, a lesson that had not been forgotten brought tears to my eyes. Last Saturday I started a spontaneous scene with one of our trusted bottoms with the intention of demonstrating the subtle dynamic...

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