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A la de Sade

I really enjoyed Toni Bentley’s visit with Catherine Robbe-Grillet, the French Grande Dame du Sadomasochism in February's issue. Titled “The Thin End of the Whip,” this journalistic writing captures a different reality than most BDSMers practice.

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The Euro Twist

I give a lot of interviews and conduct a great many Q&A’s. Most folks want to know much the same things. Sometimes, though, an interviewer comes up with an unusual question. I just received the translation of an article published in Poland...

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What If?

December 31st 2013 started like most; we got dressed, had a lovely dinner, and got into the car to drive to the party we’d been invited to. As we turned onto Mission Street and crossed Duboce, we were surprised by a huge crowd...lined up around the entire square block of 14th Street!. People dressed to the nines waiting...

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In Bright Lights: the 2nd Half

My year in photos part 2 starts with….Thunder! This festive conference of Leatherfolk in Denver always leaves me feeling sky high! Here I am with my Canadian friend Valentina, sharing her first time! Between Thunder and...

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