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Body of God

Surprise!  With the eclectic title, “Body of God,” would you expect a full length documentary on body piercing, tattooing and ritual?  Fortunately, a friend posted the link on Twitter!

It has been my wish that the unique story of Fakir’s life be made into a film focused not only on his more than 60 years of body experiments but also its effect on our contemporary culture.  Body piercing and Tattoo studios are everywhere, from the suburbs of Paris where I grew up, to Aberdeen, South Dakota where he is from.


With Jouni and Jussi after filming. ©Cléo Dubois

In 2010, two friendly Finns, Jouni and Jussi, contacted Fakir. They wanted to make another film.  We liked their previous work  “Kinbaku!”  an art documentary on the traditional and current practices of Japanese bondage.  

We invited them to our home.  Fakir gave them a long interview.  They also filmed a private spiritual hook suspension ritual of a dear friend in our little dungeon.  We trusted them. They got Kink and Ritual and Art.  

Not all indie projects have happy endings.  We didn’t hear from them and thought the film had been abandoned. Until that tweet!  “‘BODY OF GOD’ is on Hulu and Fakir is the main subject!” Due to production drama, the filmmakers did not know that their work was on Hulu.  We understand from Jouni and Jussi that they continue to seek screenings at Film Festivals and beyond.

Click here to watch Body of God.

(if you want to avoid the commercials, Hulu offers a free trial sign up.)

Fakir has been my life partner since 1988.  It is my honor to be intimately involved in the infinitely interweaving of body rituals: piercing, tattooing, SM, corsetry and gender explorations. Truly, he is a visionary, being the change he wants to see in the world. The feedback we get from those who embrace the Modern Primitive philosophy inspire us.  Life isn’t always serious, though!  This picture is from 1981~

fakir history pix 005

Fakir all decked out for Xmas! © Cléo Dubois

What do I want for Xmas?  Don’t be shy, hit “Comment” below or email us and tell us what you think of “Body of God.”  And pass it on!

Speaking of pictures, I’ve got a treat for you next Saturday at 10am.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Go ahead and comment, make my day!  Please!  I love coaching couples interested in the eroticism of mutually satisfying BDSM play and teaching weekend Intensives in San Francisco. Click here for in office and Skype consultation appointments.

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