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2013 In Bright Lights

Wow! Where did 2013 go? What a journey it’s been! It’s the end of my first full year of weekly blogs. It’s been quite fun telling real stories, but really, are you interested? Am I still stirring your imagination? Just scroll down to the end of this post and please “Leave a Reply”

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Body of God

Surprise! With the eclectic title, “Body of God,” would you expect a full length documentary on body piercing, tattooing and ritual? Fortunately, a friend posted the link on Twitter!
It has been my wish that the unique story of Fakir’s life...

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Truth and Dare

What really matters to me in BDSM is the energy exchange; how we connect. Our intent must be honest and clearly communicated. A lifestyle player first, I have always believed in the magic of SM. It fueled every session I conducted as a ...

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Toys Toys Toys

I interrupt my story to bring you some simple shopping therapy. It is that gift giving time of the year again. Before you fill your online basket with toys you cannot feel or try, let me share my thoughts with you on how to buy a...

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