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The Road to Now: Heart and Mind

I hope that your Thanksgiving was about family and celebration. When my adventures in kink started, I thought that S/M practices and community would be the key to fixing my whole life. Not quite. Along the way I did find my life partner and ...

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The Road to Now: Spirit and Sex

Playing at the Catacombs, attending Janus and Outcasts programs was my early SM education. Fakir fascinated me by the esoteric and visually amazing self-practices he presented at Janus. Rites borrowed from ancient cultures like the Hindu Kavadi, fire play ordeals he called....

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The Road to Now

If you have been reading my blog, you know sexual diversity has always attracted me despite my very anti gay french upbringing. San Francisco was my ticket to freedom. Follow me down memory lane and meet my mentors.

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Public Play

The last party at Threshold before Mission Control has to find new digs confirmed my faith in today’s kinky people! What an open-hearted community! The highlight of my presentation was a small ritual to connect our combined desires for a new place for their imaginative evenings of joyous sex-positive energy by...

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