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Treat Or Trick?

We all know about clear negotiation for play that is safe, sane and consensual, the established BDSM motto. Obviously, many of the things we do come with some risk. So now we have RACK: Risk Aware Consensual Kink! Playing out our fantasies brings turn-on, intimacy, pleasure and often some healing. But not always...

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Riding That Train

I just celebrated one of these BIG birthdays complete with a symbolic steam locomotive train ride in the coastal woods of Northern California and of course, I had to submit to the traditional spanking! That’s not to say I did not enjoy...

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The Mission

Walking through this changing San Francisco neighborhood to Mission Control on a warm October evening, I am blown away by the fancy eateries featuring fares from all over the world that pop up every day! The defunct progressive New College has been replaced by a hot nightspot and there’s a chocolate confiserie right next door!

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Eye Candy And Toys

Leatherfolk and kinksters of all flavors gathered en masse at Sunday’s Folsom Street Fair. Eye candy was everywhere, as cosplay aficionados floated in and around the sea of black leather and shiny latex...

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