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Forever Folsom!

The modern day mainstream fascination with leather may be fueled by media, but that disregards its meaningful foundation in our culture. As my dearest friend, Mark Thompson, writes in his ground breaking work, “Leatherfolk,”

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Beyond Sound Bites…

As this blog goes live I will be at the SFCitadel with Eve Minax leading the first day of the new weekend Intensive we are calling “Deepening your Erotic Dominance.” The creative process has been exciting and ...

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Kink Is Ok!

The flags are unfurled on Folsom Street in San Francisco. It is Leather Pride month and mine has already started! Last night I was on SexOutLoud Radio with Tristan Taormino and we had a blast talking about my leather roots, kink today and sex! Tristan and I have presented at many National Leather Conferences over the years; being on Skype was like being in the same room again!

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Midnight at Burning Man

Fresh out of driving school I rented a car and somehow made it to the Playa almost at sunset. It was 1993; I quickly pitched my little blue tent on a quiet spot less than a kilometer away from center camp. I rode my mountain bike back to center camp to mix it up, meet people, and see what...

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