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Tutu and Jackhammer

As you may know,  I offer Intensives…uberworkshops designed to educate people to exchange their erotic energies in a variety of mutually satisfying ways with others.  And that can be really fun!  During the roleplay practice at the most recent Intensive, a new item showed up in the variety of costume pieces Eve Minax and I bring as inspiration for the scenes created in the moment by our students and volunteers.


© Cléo Dubois

“I have an extensive background in classical dance,” Anais told me, “and that made it extra fun for me to play a strict and naughty Ballet Teacher.  The minute I saw the ballet slippers and tutu, I just had to go for it!  It’s very hot to bring my own experiences together with my kinky interests!” she said, still holding a riding crop in her black satin gloved hands.  “I have a natural tendency toward narrative and fantasy; stories arise for me effortlessly, and it’s such a delight to enact them with such a willing subject.”

Improvisation it is, call and response so to speak, perverting the activities along the way. The archetypal ballerina is graceful, feminine, romantic.  Anais’ ballerina is one of our tall, slender, obedient and masochistic male bottoms, just a little gender bent!

© Cléo Dubois

© Cléo Dubois

Encouraged by the sharp smacks of the crop on his long legs delivered rhythmically by his ballet Mistress, it is a twisted delight to watch his pliés and relevés.  A jeweled insert between his cheeks under the tulle to help his posture and an over-the-knee spanking completed his afternoon instruction.

It is roleplay that enables us to engage with the darker, more twisted side of an archetype, bring it out into the light, and have fun with it!  Besides, I like a bit of humor in my BDSM.

El Diablo © Cléo Dubois

El Diablo © Cléo Dubois

A  spectacular Horned One I called Diablo and an adult catholic schoolgirl showed up at the Citadel during my recent presentation on spontaneous roleplay.  Turned out the schoolgirl was carrying a Jesus dildo in her satchel along with her Bible!

Flogging was in immediate order to rectify this outrageous behavior!  Of course Diablo had to deepthroat the rubber toy to teach blow job finesse to the “perverted child”!  A pretty sacrilegious sight indeed!  This twisted display may have made some uncomfortable; yet tangible sexual energy arose and filled the room!

I once was a schoolgirl in a strict catholic institution. Nuns were my teachers and the only male was a young priest with whom I shared my teenage crushes kneeling in the dark confessional.  Isn’t that perverted as well?  Whatever it is that turns us on about replaying what once oppressed us sure has its charm!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Every Saturday morning at 10am, I’ll stir your imagination with a new real story to enjoy, comment, share!  Eager to dive into this erotic pool? I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and offer Erotic Dominance Intensives to small groups of 8 in San Francisco! We can even Skype about it!

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