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The Erotic Typewriter

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The Erotic Typewriter, circa 1985

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog; I would hug you if I could . We are all outliers, sexual adventurers. While Fakir had a marvelous birthday of art, drumming – his current passion- and a loving hot time with our leather family, our hearts went out to Angela who suddenly lost her lifepartner Iain, loved and respected BDSM educator and elegant leatherman.  I wish we had shared more kind words when we had a chance. Time is the great Mistress of us all and she strikes as She pleases…

In the mid 80s and 90s, during the first decade of “the plague,” hot SM demos educated our community to keep on playing and raise money for Aids causes.  Alan Selby, the original Mr. S, spearheaded countless such evenings.  Held in Leather Bars such as the Brig (now The PowerHouse), the Eagle or other SOMA venues now long gone, we gathered.

I loved improv theater and kinky skits. Fakir was always coming up with somewhat comical ideas…. His inner trickster wanted to lift his old manual typewriter by his nipples. Needing some context, we converted a big wooden paddle to read “Jesus loves you.”

jesus loves you from fakir

I dressed like a school teacher, or what we imagined them to dress like!  Our schoolgirl Morgan had been very very bad and needed corporal punishment. My job as the head Mistress was to make sure she took her punishment well while  Fakir redden her cute little ass with the huge “Jesus Loves You” paddle before her typing lesson.

Decked out in a grey striped suit, Fakir inserted a No. 2 pencil into his septum, peeled off his starched white shirt and jacket and attached the portable Olympia typewriter to his nipples, swinging it side to side.  The absurdity of this masochistic feat just made everyone laugh!  Piercing was not that common yet, and our schoolgirl chasing the keyboard in vain trying to type as she bent over enough for all to see her white latex ruffled panties was really funny! We had a hard time keeping straight faces!

 Through the years when I saw Daddy Alan, he would remind me of that evening of laughter during that decade of terrible loss.

I recently caught part of a PBS program called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor.  About positive psychology.  For now I decided to start my day smiling as soon as I  get up.. Now is all we have. If i can create a new kind habit in 21 days, what am I waiting for?  Thank you dear readers.

In kink, with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Stir your imagination here every Saturday morning at 10am!  A new real story to enjoy, comment, share!  Eager to dive into this erotic pool? I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and offer Erotic Dominance Intensives to small groups of 8 in San Francisco! We can even Skype about it! 

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