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Tutu and Jackhammer

As you may know, I offer Intensives...uberworkshops designed to educate people to exchange their erotic energies in a variety of mutually satisfying ways with others. And that can be really fun! During the roleplay practice at the most recent Intensive, a new item showed up

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Newbie’s Hunt

I love my computer, my laptop, my iPhone. The Internet is really amazing; everything at your finger tips....except the touch of another human being. For that, we need to be in the actual physical presence of at least one other, especially if we want to explore our erotic core.

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The Erotic Typewriter

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog; I would hug you if I could . We are all outliers, sexual adventurers. While Fakir had a marvelous birthday of art, drumming - his current passion-

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The Shaman, The Trickster, and Me

Some 30 years ago I met Fakir at the famed “Chateau” during a Society of Janus class. He always ended his presentations with a demo, often an exotic body practice of pain/pleasure, and that I found fascinating!

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