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Mile High Thunder!

The Clothespin Zipper © Cléo Dubois

The Clothespin Zipper
© Cléo Dubois

I cannot imagine all the hard work the volunteers, staff and directors do to produce a National Leather Conference like Thunder In The Mountains!  These events are enormous and attended by hundreds!  And with the mainstreaming of BDSM, there is the added dimension of the diverse communities of kinky people ‘The Scene” now includes.  Whips and rope to littles and balloons!  What a complex beast to ride!

As co -presenter CM Hurt and I were decompressing over dinner Sunday evening, we agreed that we want to keep teaching those coming into the Scene. For me what is most important is to focus on what does not follow a set recipe, as skills sharing often does. When I flog someone, the flogger is only the extension of  the energy I send towards my partner.  We breathe, we look in each other’s eyes, and we connect…and I love it when the energy returns to me.  We “dance “ together; boundaries are explored, discoveries made in trust.

This year I brought clothespins to share during my Scene Dynamics class. (You can try this at home with a consensual partner!)  I asked each person to sit across from someone, close enough to touch. Look at each other, breathe together, tell her/him what you want from that little gift of intensity, stay present, squeeze a little harder, add some sexy touch, encourage her/him to accept more for you… let yourselves get turned on by the mutual gift of energy exchange.

Ethics, communication, breath, awareness and presence are what allow the magic of our gourmet sexuality.  

 My demo bottom was the young woman you see here. She  volunteered online weeks before the conference.  Self-identified as a brat, she told me she always giggles when sensations get intense. I  very much wanted to bring her to a place of surrender where giggles would not dissipate the energy.

dirty_giggles by Monk of Mayhem

by Monk of Mayhem

She presented herself to me as a sexy school girl, whose short pleated skirt covered a pair of white lace panties framing her perfect butt. I attached a short clothespin zipper across her ample breasts. Breathing deeply with her I encouraged her to relax into the pinch by  telling her how much that  would please me. I kept my attention on her face and she kept the giggles at bay. Good girl, not brat I thought.  And then I saw how strong, brave and proud she really was. Her surrender was a gift.

I caressed her breasts  gently, then flogged her back enjoying the subtle D/s dynamic that was developing between us before laying on some strokes from my cane across those plump ass cheeks!

And then the weirdest thing happened.  As I tried to release the zipper, quite an intense sadistic move on my part, the new zipper would not come off her skin!  “Madame,” she whispered, “are you pulling a mind fuck on me?”  Such sweet delight in her eyes!  I certainly was not!  And at that, we both burst out laughing!  A different release followed by a big hug and a bit of tears in her eyes as I gently removed the clothespins one by one.

We really connected and will not forget each other.

Following class, a couple came up to thank me for the energetic exercise.  “We have witnessed lots of technique this weekend, but you really made us feel the energy.”  That is my path; guiding others on their journeys, at salons, public dungeons, leather conferences and especially in the privacy of my own play space!  After all, truly connecting with another being and finding mutual  pleasure there is really what we want, isn’t it?

In kink with leather pride and heart,

Cléo Dubois

Ready to explore your kink? I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and offer Erotic Dominance Intensives to those eager to dive into this erotic pool.  Curious or confused about kink?   Let’s Skype about it.  Stir your imagination here every Saturday morning at 10am!  Enjoy, comment, share!

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