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Cynthia’s Boots!

CleoBootBy now you’ve heard the history of Stonewall and the activism that has brought us to this day of equality.  Cynthia Slater, who started the first west coast BDSM organization in the US, The Society of Janus, was a good friend and the boots I inherited from her fit just fine.  I grabbed them as I walked out the door for a Sunday at the Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women.

Alex volunteers for my Academy of SM Arts.  Alex presents as a he and always has a smile on his face.  I sense his constant smile is a mask. Well, during the demo on service and devotion, I told him that I was going to wipe that smartass smile off his face.

When I play, I really want to connect, see my bottom, be seen by him or her.

I know Alex loves boots.  His fetish.  By bringing his/her fetish into play, my intuition told me that the mask would fall, revealing the real passion and vulnerability of this charming submissive.

“Alex,” I ordered, “come here and kneel in front of me facing the students with your hands crossed behind your back.”  After collaring him, I lifted his chin and, sure enough, he still had that silly grin.  “Boi, I give you permission to worship my boots, and I want to feel it.”

That was the afternoon I was wearing the boots.  I grabbed Alex’s short hair and lowered his lips to the top of my booted left foot and started to kiss it ever so gently.  “Alex ” I said, “I want you to know that these are very special boots. They belonged to the woman who had a big part in making it possible for all of us being here today.”  I felt the boi get really focused on the boot.   As his lips worshiped the very fine leather encasing my left foot, I felt his energy shift. His devotion was so pure that tears came to my eyes in the memory of Cynthia who blazed the path of female dominance for me and so many more.  I let myself savor the moment; it felt sadly sweet.


Cynthia Slater and chris

Soon, though, I increased the tension on the short leash attached to his collar, bringing him really close to my legs. “Now do the right boot for me, boi” I said. “I want pleasure.”

The boi was good. His worship changed from solemn reverence to sexy service.  I was getting turned on!  When I pulled his hair back and ordered him to show me his face, that phony smile was gone. In that moment we truly merged energies.  “Thank you boi, you served me and the students well.”   I removed his collar.  “Back to being in charge of yourself, boi, you are no longer collared, till next time we play.”  He bowed his head and quietly said, “thank You, Madame!”

We both took a deep breath.  We had just honored a pioneer leatherwoman whose kinky path became a huge wide road, as gender has gained fluidity, sexual orientation acceptance in the past 20 years.  We were not the only ones who felt the magic of connected BDSM in the room!  In Q&A, it was clear that simple scene had touched us all.

In kink and leather pride, with heart,

Cléo Dubois

I love to mentor couples interested in the eroticism of mutually satisfying BDSM play. For private coaching, visit  For the Intensives,  visit  There is room for you at the Dominatrix Training Intensive in SF August 16-18. Click here to apply!  Just curious? Skype me for a consultation!

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