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Celebration! Happy Pride!

The last Sunday in June is a day I cherish. Pride is always the last Sunday in San Francisco. Called Gay Day when I started to attend the parade, it is LGBT now, a much wider mix.   Acceptance of sexual diversity means all sexual minorities and that is Us!  Leatherfolks, fetishists and kinksters of all sorts…Us!

San Francisco has been a major force in LGBT rights, thanks to the relentless efforts of so many valiant people.  In 2008, the year I rode in the convertible with debonair Daddy Warren waving to the crowd, we saw many in our community amongst the throngs of folks lining Market Street.   It was an especially joyous parade that year, as we celebrated the California Supreme Court decision for the freedom of all people to marry.

And now, wow! Marriage is legal again in California!  Tomorrow is going to be the most joyous and amazing celebration!

Throughout history, every human culture has developed public rites to mark primary relationship commitments.  Exchanging wedding rings is not the only one!

Cleo collaring Dragon during Scene DynamicsSome folks in 24/7 D/s relationships fantasize about branding their slaves, and yes, it can be done tastefully with proper preparation and the right tools. Interested? Click here for the Master’s advice!

Less permanent marks of belonging include body piercings.  Although we call it permanent piercing, rings can always be removed, just like wedding bands. However pierced jewelry make great bondage anchors!  Prince Albert, guiche, nipple and labia rings give Dominants the sexy control they enjoy and the submissive the body reminder they cherish.  A Domina leading her naked submissive in black leather boots by a leash attached to a Prince Albert is a lovely sight to behold.

For Tops, a collar, worn proudly by our bottom, is a symbol of containment and devotion, if only during play.  I’ve observed that some folks hold the key to their own collar, stripping it of its symbolic value, turning it into mere decoration.  I personally do not like that.

Collaring rituals, whether simply for a scene or a profound declaration of a long term commitment, can be powerful intimate rites.  

Two Queer identified lifestyle players

Two Queer-identified lifestyle players!

Have you ever been collared? It really changes your headspace and opens the door to a private reality that is just between you and the one whose collar you are wearing.  It has a way of focusing your thoughts, your desire to please, to serve and to assure you that your gift of submission is accepted by the one you serve.

Click here for my simple collaring ritual.  Next Saturday, I’ll tell you about a demo that turned into something much more profound…for both of us.  Meanwhile, I’m off to SF Pride!

In kink and leather pride, with heart,

Cléo Dubois

I love to Skype! and coach couples interested in the eroticism of mutually satisfying BDSM play!  I teach weekend Intensives in San Francisco. There’s room for one or two more in August’s Dominatrix Training Intensive!  Like my true stories? Please comment, share, enjoy!


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