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Happy Pride!


We’re just one week away from San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade and the city is already abuzz!  This picture is from 2008, the year I had the once in a lifetime privilege to be one of the two Leather Marshals for that awesome event.

 My first Pride March was in 1986 and we of the leather contingent were greeted with silence as we marched down Market Street.   Of course the mood was understandably somber and the grief heavy for all, as so many were dying of AIDS. I  too was in deep grief losing my gay brothers, mentors and play partners.

cc from leatherfolk

From Mark Thompson’s ground-breaking book, “LeatherFolk” 1991

As a member of the Society of Janus I walked the entire route of the first Leather Pride contingent. Our sexuality was not sick. AIDS was the demon, not our kink.  Small in numbers and proud, we marched down Market street, gentle warriors in the chilling silence as the misunderstood sexual minority that we were. Being visible and in community always has mattered to me.

I always attend Pride; that ride in June, 2008 with Warren Williams was wonderful, fun, empowering and way too short.  People were clapping and cheering!  I felt appreciated and proud of my community and the work I do within it.  Studies are finally showing that our skills of informed consent, clear communications, and the desire to be edgy make us happier and healthier than the public at large.  We pioneers welcome you shameless enthusiastic settlers and challenge you to explore new territory in interpersonal leathersex connections; body, mind and spirit.

Proudly in kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

I love to coach couples interested in the eroticism of mutually satisfying BDSM play and teach weekend Intensives in San Francisco. There is still room for those interested in Dominatrix Training!  Click here to enroll!  Want answers? Let’s Skype!

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