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Your Ticket to Ride!

Hood Photo by Fakir

Hood Photo by Fakir

In the last six months both my evening classes on sensory deprivation were full, a clear indication that a little inner journey is welcomed by many sensual explorers.  I have taken kinsters on many rides of pleasure and pain with twisted mindfucks.

Have you ever been hooded and zipped into a leather bodybag?  That ticket to ride is about 100% trust.  

 A good idea is to start with a simple blindfold.  My favorite is the Mindfold: very light, you can keep your eyes open and be in total darkness.  That alone works wonders to alter your reality.  Now consider what being mummified in stretch wrap or a leather body bag might do.   Once you adjust to its embrace you can truly let go … and fly to the inner recesses of your mind.  Where you go and what you find there may be challenging, sexy or perhaps even transformative.

Many submissives love to be objectified and toyed with while completely helpless.  Jay is one of them.  He eagerly volunteered to be my demo bottom at the SF Citadel class.  Once contained, which he found safe and inviting, I had the 3 way zipper strategically open at the exact level of his erect penis.

I put my assistant Mistress Camille Milan in charge of him. She kept whispering in his ear: “Everyone is looking at you!  All forty of them…or rather looking at your cock sticking out, the only pink buoy in a sea of black. Ain’t you a bit embarrassed?  I bet you are.”

Jay, a submissive exhibitionist, kept on getting more and more excited.  When we added a bit of electro stim to his frenum and scrotum, he was in heaven!

IMG_1049 2

At last winter’s Dominatrix Training Intensive,  I asked Bob to bring his own beautiful sleep sack for the hands- on portion on our very subject, sensory deprivation.

Once securely encased in the leather bag, the six Mistresses in training stood around him quietly.   He had no way to know what was coming next!

Upon my request, Bob wrote about his bondage fetish:

“As a bottom I have a particular fondness for the heightened sense of vulnerability that can be achieved through bondage. My absolute favorite forms are mummification and sleep-sacks, as these really take me into the headspace of surrender I crave.  It’s a well-needed break from the demands of my busy business life.

Hoods, blindfolds and items to restrict sound transmission greatly increase my sense of vulnerability. The loss of sight and sound intensifies sensations, and can even suspend the passage of time. Hours pass like a fraction of second, anticipation builds. I anxiously await what comes next, at times struggling to identify the specific type of sensation I’m receiving; is it warm or cold? Is my skin being pierced or just clamped?

For me sensory dep adds a powerful psychological dimension to a scene.   As a hooded bottom I present no visual identity to my Top. I am a “nobody”  available for my Top’s enjoyment; as sadist, sexual predator or whatever persona they choose to explore. Some Dommes keenly understand this head space and are very effective at exploiting its full potential for a powerful form of connected power exchange. I love that!”


Photo by Cleo Dubois

Well said! I will add that I have sadistically provided many of these sophisticated control tease and denial predicaments to my clients.

However some encasement journeys become personal self-explorations where emotional release or healing occurs.  In these scenes the Top is the guardian, the safety watch, the after care partner.   If you venture as a bottom down the road of sensory dep, remember your Top is giving you a big gift with that ticket to ride!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Enrollment is open for the next Dominatrix Training Intensive August 16-18 in San Francisco.  Visit for details on all the Intensives, classes and playshops I lead.  Visit to contact me for private couples coaching and guided play.  Enjoy this story? Leave me a comment; I love feedback!

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