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Bird of Fire

White Bird #2W

In a galaxy long ago and far away…well, not really, actually in 1980 San Francisco, I was involved in improv theatre;  I  even took some classes with  Whoopi Goldberg in Berkeley!  It was just before my entry into the SM world.  So when I started to Top, those experiences sure helped me trust my intuition.  Improv theater is making spontaneous visual art while being present, able to respond to shifts of energy and willing to take risks.  Sounds a bit like play, right?

My desire for vivid images of art and beauty in SM has not faded; it is still core to every scene.

And then AIDS struck.  You do not want to imagine what it was like; young men became old men within months, sometimes only weeks, and died, ravaged by mysterious opportunistic diseases. I went from hospitals and hospices to memorials for what seemed like forever. The SM community rallied and held many fundraisers to help. I  combined my artistic vision and passion for SM to create  beautiful kinky performances.  We needed beauty, we needed to hold on together.

One  vision I had was of a bird of fire with big white wings being torn off in a burst of shared SM energy.  The bird survives the ordeal and grows stronger like we who survived this plague did.

I bought a glue gun and long supple white turkey feathers to glue onto wooden clothespins.  Do you know what a clothespin zipper is?  A dozen or more of them are laced together with a piece of twine. Attached by pinching the skin in rows, the longer they stay on, the more intense is the removal.  A highly masochistic experience for the bottom and a shared rush for both of you!

Later I  also added feathered clothespins on my  “bird’s” fingers and breasts,  only to cane them off to the tunes “White Bird” by It’s a Beautiful Day and the Beatles’ ” Black Bird.”

Archetypal images resonate with us all.  The de-feathering of my bird performance caught on in the community.  Soon feathered wings appeared in dungeons everywhere!  

Fakir captured it with his camera for BodyPlay Quarterly, his now classic collection of Modern Primitive magazines.


While each performance is unique, there’s only one you can see anytime you want.  My wonderful friend and then bottom, Creed, agreed to have her wings ripped off in my docu-film “The Pain Game,”  She soared embodying my vision of intense art and beauty forever.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Eager to try some new to you kink?  I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and offer Erotic Dominance Intensives to those eager to dive into this erotic pool.  Curious or confused about kink, let’s Skype about it. 

Read a new real story here every Saturday morning at 10am!  Enjoy, comment, share!

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