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Celebration! Happy Pride!

The last Sunday in June is a day I cherish. Pride is always the last weekend in San Francisco. Pride was called Gay Day when I started to attend the parade. Now it is LGBT a much wider mix. Acceptance of sexual diversity means all sexual minorities and that is Us! Leatherfolks, fetishists and kinksters of all sorts…Us!

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Happy Pride!

We’re just one week away from San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade and the city is already abuzz! This picture is from 2008, the year I had the once in a lifetime privilege to be one of the two Leather Marshals for that awesome event.

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Sizzling Wand Magic!

Lately I have been invited to talk about BDSM to sex positive young adults. It’s rewarding to see the eager fresh faces free of shame coming to learn from us “pioneers.” Reading the large attentive crowd, I addressed the basics of consent, negotiation and roleplay in kinky explorations. I stressed the importance of connecting, really connecting with your partner. While many of them get it intellectually, when it comes to sharing the energy they are raising, they seem to need a little help.

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Your Ticket to Ride!

In the last six months both my evening classes on sensory deprivation were full, a clear indication that a little inner journey is welcomed by many sensual explorers. I have taken kinsters on many rides of pleasure and pain with twisted mindfucks. Have you ever been hooded and zipped into a leather bodybag?

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