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S/M NOT Stand & Model!

As you know from last week’s story, Alan wanted Sam to top him and enjoy doing so. They show up at my door and Sam looks really nervous.  I escort her to the dungeon alone where she unpacks a huge bag of clothes, new high heels, a wig, garter belt, stockings, all the stereotype costuming she thinks she needs to Top.  And yet, she does not even know how to attach her stocking to the garters!

Ok, I thought, she is into the theater of it.  She wants to look like a Dominatrix.

Later I learned she had never felt comfortable wearing skirts, high heels, even lipstick.  But that’s another story!

I ask her how she feels about maybe spanking or flogging him with my help.   “Not in anger,” I assured her, “more as a dance, with a warm up of course!  Don’t worry, we’ll do it together!  He clearly told you that he was into it. Ok?”

I bring Alan to the room, ask him to kneel in front of Sam as I show her how to collar him.  We set a few rules for him to obey and of course make sure he knows his safewords. He acquiesces sweetly.

But a few minutes later, just as I am instructing her on how to attach his cuffed wrists to my rope web, he actually kicks me! –  moi, no really?  A little bratty provocation to encourage us to “take him down,” I sense.   

I quickly affix a spreader bar between his ankles, and we give him a thorough flogging!  He did not call the safeword and Sam grew more confident with each stroke.  first time in the D

Alan, we also discover that day, likes more than a little genital sensation play. For him it is not just about his balls being handled.  Reaching for the black leather parachute harness on my CBT wall, I hand it to her to snap around his scrotum.  Boys like toys. Cock toys especially!  Their eyes lock and he whispers, “more.  Please, Mistress, more!”  I firmly pull on the rope tied to the ring at the base of the parachute and tug on it really hard.

Our brat breathes deeply and begins to focus. Sam put nipple clamps on her man. Her eyes light up as she greets “the bottom”  in his gaze.  “Thank you,” he growls.  

Pride 05 Us WFrom then on, every community event I attended, classes I gave, munches, conferences, there they were, Sam and Alan!  More than ten years later, we have become family, and you know what they say?  The family that play together, stay together.

In kink with heart,

Cleo Dubois

Ready to explore your kink? I coach couples in the privacy of my dungeon and offer Erotic Dominance Intensives to those eager to dive into this erotic pool.  Read a new real story here every Saturday morning at 10am!  Enjoy, comment, share!

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