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One Foot Out!

Do you know who this is? Here’s a little clue: this “young lady” is also a pioneer and connoisseur of native cultures in this country and abroad, whose own experimentations with altered states continues to explore the relationship between spirit and flesh.

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S/M NOT Stand & Model!

As you know from last week’s story, Alan wanted Sam to top him and enjoy doing so. They show up at my door and Sam looks really nervous. I escort her to the dungeon alone where she unpacks a huge bag of clothes...

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How I Met Alan and Sam

When we step into our dominant shoes we want to do it right. We surely do not want to create any physical or emotional harm. A BDSM coach guides you along your own path. This is a true story, and far from unique.

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In The Eye of the Beholder!

Yes the woman in this striking image of body art is a friend and she is beautiful, don’t you think?

And yes, these wings are pierced into her skin. While this is not my work, I am a play piercing enthusiast!

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