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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Think you have to spend hours studying Shibari to tie up your lover?  Think again. That traditional Japanese style may be your cup of tea; it  was never mine.  Sure, I tried to copy the  positions I saw in their magazines, before such workshops were offered in the west!  And then I discovered the fusion ties of  San Francisco’s TwoKnottyBoys.

That  worked for me!  Simple and efficient fusion rope fits all sizes, shapes and levels of flexibility.

Handy for sensual teasing, steamy roleplay, tickling and more, I like how versatile this style of bondage is. From quickly bound  wrists to an elaborate fantasy of captivity, folks who like to be tied up have shared with me the freedom they find while restrained.

During last weekend’s Erotic Dominance Intensive my friend JD, one of the TwoKnottyBoys, reminded students that we are tying people, not ropes!

Everyone learned to make his simple wrist cuff he calls the cat’s paw.   Just add a little variation for the ankles and you have your partner securely spread eagle on the bed...

I was so impressed by the simplicity and applications of that type of rope play that I incorporated it into my edu-film, “Tie Me Up!


Dragon Sleeve from my “Tie Me Up!” Video Photo by Fakir

With  humor and his no nonsense way of sharing his love for tying it all together, JD ‘s definition of Dominant versus Top made me smile: “A Dominant is someone who ties bondage on a standing person by making the person who is being tied up turn around as opposed to a Top who ties by walking around the person being tied!”

One thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of the type of bondage you engage in, rope, leather or heavy metal, trust is essential. And do not leave your partner alone.

Yes, indeed, I had someone on my black leather bondage table the evening of the Loma Prieta earthquake.  Yes, of course I freed him before we  both ran out of the dungeon!

Next time you think rope is not for you because you and knots are not good friends, you may want try some of the rope magic these two San Francisco guys so generously share with us all.  You can tell I am a fan!

In Kink with Heart,

Cléo Dubois

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