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Little Girl? Oh Yeah?

Catholic Girl

Photo by Fakir

When I grew up I wanted to be a philosophy teacher but La Sorbonne was not in the cards for me!  I felt doomed to become a traditional housewife, as in my teens marriage was still the popular option for a good girl like me. I was determined to escape that grim prospect.  The  discovery of such forbidden books as “The Story of O,” “Justine,” and “Les Liaisons Dangereuse” nurtured my secret love of theatre, ritual and sex.  A musical diet of Opera also was significant in my dreams of a non-conventional career, but truly I had no idea what I would become.

I had to come to the City by the Bay to uncover and embrace my deep rooted sadomasochistic tendencies. If you’ve been reading along, by now you know you that topping and bottoming  both hold power.  When I Top, which is most of the time, I am aware of body language, breath, turn on, head games how I can be cruel and compassionate at once.  When I bottom, I notice the many nuances of touch, harsh and soft. I have a deep appreciation of timing and being skillfully led to surrender, sometimes.

However “scary” negotiating honestly about your desires, wants and needs may seem, getting those needs met is essential!

And then there are those times I just need to play!  I have been known be quite the Brat, you know.   A role I rarely get into, but when I do, I really do!  Black wig with bangs and pigtails, rosary for necklace, white blouse unbuttoned to my cleavage and very short pleated skirt.  To top it all, I stepped into four inch black platform boots.  My Brat likes to be seen, of course. So a play party is the perfect stage.

It did not take long for me to get into trouble.  In fact, I was looking for trouble!  So when Sir Michael said “little girl, you NEED a whipping!” and pushed me against the St Andrew’s cross, I did not resist. He knew I love a good flogging, giving and receiving!

Michael is a switch.  We have played before on both sides of the whip.   stockroom flogger

Like me, he has an awesome collection of floggers and can create a symphony of sensations with them.  I guess that makes him a flogging artist.

“Give me your back, little girl.”   … “Now give me your ass.”  He punctuated every order with “little girl.”  The funny thing is “this little girl” needed to feel the heavy leather lashes biting my flesh rhythmically.  She just wanted to take it!  She laughed, jumped, cursed, a real agent provocateur with a french accent.

Did Sir Michael’s flogging get me high?  Yes.  Did I submit to him?  No.  I surrendered to the powerful sensations and when I had had enough, I simply asked him to please stop. He said, “I was just about to. You have had enough.” His gentle touch and sweet embrace brought tears to my eyes, as he took me in his arms… In that tender moment my brat stepped back and let my sweet inner little girl be cared for.

Yes we are complex beings and embodying all is life, don’t you agree?  In my practice, I encourage you to use these easy tools to frame your intimate times, sweet, saucy, sacred.

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois

Like my story?  Please comment, and feel free to share!  If you’re curious about kink, contact me for personal consultations in my SF Bay Area office or via Skype.  Visit to set up an appointment right online!

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