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Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Think you have to spend hours studying Shibari to tie up your lover? Think again. That traditional Japanese style may be your cup of tea; it was never mine. Sure, I tried to copy the positions I saw in their magazines, before such workshops were offered in the west! And then I discovered the fusion ties of San Francisco’s Two Knotty Boys.

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Kinky Flicks

On April 8, my Danish friend Steen Schapiro screened “The Pain Game,“ my BDSM docu-film, as prelude to his new short, “Loops!” The soirée took place at Club Débauche in Copenhagen, thirteen years after my film premiered at Frameline in San Francisco. The next day I received several online orders from Danes who were at the screening and wanted their own DVD. Real connection and caring sadomasochism do not age!

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Little Girl? Oh Yeah?

When I grew up I wanted to be a philosophy teacher but La Sorbonne was not in the cards for me! I felt doomed to become a traditional housewife, as in my teens marriage was still the popular option for a good girl like me. I was determined to escape that grim prospect.

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A Bit Over The Top!

I started this weekly blog four months ago. I hope you enjoyed some of my stories and found a bit of kinky wisdom there, one of the many gifts of experience. Since I have been in the San Francisco leather community almost from its start, let me tell you a bit more about this picture I posted here in December. Back in 1981, leatherwoman Cynthia Slater, founder of the Society of Janus, invited me to a party.

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