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Locked and Loving It!


The Curve by JT Stockroom

Just back from teaching with Eve Minax a very focused and hot Men’s Intensive weekend. I love to be around male energy. Top, bottoms, switches, bi, gay and straight too. Have you ever read Savage Love?  What an informative column on male chastity to find on a site like!  A while back, my friend Yossie, a seasoned and versatile leatherman, shared his own experiences with male chastity.

For most of us kinksters, bondage speaks to our erotic pursuits and can often be tied to D/s commitments, but not always.  Yossie has explored genital confinement and describes what it feels like to wear one.

“Mmm. I think first and foremost I like the constant stimulation.  It feels GOOD to have something wrapping up my cock and balls, it feels better to know that and that I can’t take it off.  It feels best to WANT to orgasm and not be able to.”

“I can test myself, hard, and stay horny. I like chastity.  I like ‘enforced’ chastity even more.  Someone else owning the key makes it far more fun – adds a power exchange aspect to the whole thing.”


Photo from JT Stockroom

Yossie also has a fetish for metal bondage. “I have, over the years, found that I prefer steel belts; the kind that are far more intense looking and arguably offer better security and prevention are superior for LONG term wear like a couple of months.”  He really did that!  OMG, he was so chilled during those weeks of self-deprivation.

“However,” he continues, “I do enjoy my CB3000. This small plastic device made up of 5 pieces will successfully prevent erections and orgasms as long as it is worn.  Great for an exciting weekend of tease and denial.  Entirely plastic, it can be worn through a metal detector and survive a wanding with my ego intact! 🙂

“My CB3K is transparent; I like to be able to see, but not touch, my cock.  Applying it is a matter of being soft.  Slip your cock into the tube.  Add the cock-ring (which is hinged, so you can fold it shut around the scrotum rather than over the balls.  Pop the rod in through the overlapping sides of the cock ring then through a spacer and finally into the tab on the tube.  Add a padlock, or plastic numbered seal which has to be destroyed to be removed, and you are done!

“I have not yet surrendered the key to the CB3K to anyone for any length of time – mostly since it doesn’t wear well for me for more than a day or two – my scrotum gets abraded. Metal belts work better for me and more importantly, metal is a fetish of mine, providing I do not have to fly anywhere of course!”

For those of you fantasizing about chastity as a solo exploration or surrendering the key to your Top, I hope you find Yossie’s  candid share informative.

As “Metal”  from NYC told Dan Savage, “Think of chastity as a really, really long form of foreplay. The possibilities, and the long-term sexual rewards, can be endless.”

Deprivation, anticipation & control games sure can spice sex up.  The alchemy of desire is a strange and wondrous ride!  Enjoy!

In kink with heart,

Cléo Dubois
Portions originally appearing on <>

Dominant women and women who switch, there’s nothing like hands-on experience in small groups!  I am enrolling the April Intensive now!  Join us!                                                                                                                                             

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