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Face To Face!

My younger sister lives in Switzerland; a bit far for frequent visits! Over the years we had many phone conversations. Last year she finally agreed that we video Skype. What a wonderful surprise!

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

My friend, Race Bannon, Leatherman and writer of “Learning The Ropes,” posted an article on Facebook, commenting that “This is why the classroom-based (instructor at front, students sitting passively listening and watching) is NOT usually the way we should be educating ourselves.” In BDSM, I could not agree more.

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Locked and Loving It!

Just back from teaching with Eve Minax a very focused and hot Men's Intensive weekend. I love to be around male energy. Top, bottoms, switches, bi, gay and straight too. Have you ever read Savage Love? What an informative column on male chastity to find on a site like! A while back, my friend Yossie, a seasoned and versatile leatherman, shared his own experiences with male chastity.

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Win-Win! No Lies!

Just because kink is out of the closet doesn’t mean it’s understood or widely condoned. Changes in society morals take time. LGBT folks have been working on it since Stonewall and that‘s 44 years ago. Many kinksters still keep their fantasies hidden out of shame and fear of being judged.

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