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Mirrors, Redwood, Chains and Leather

Photo by Fakir

Tractor Seat Anyone?

Ah, 50 Shades of everything these days!  Even Oprah’s on it!
As pointed out in Lisa Ling’s new series “Shades of Kink” exploring BDSM, many powerful men like Phillip visit professional Dominatrixes to release control and find freedom in the world of bondage, masochism and submission. And truly they have been doing it for decades!  I am pleased that people like Dr. Nichols acknowledge that many of those who do so are not perverts!

As I’ve said, my very first Top scene started by putting eyebolts into the wall as I transformed the little white study in my rental unit into my Temple of Pleasure and Pain, a sanctuary from “real” life, a room dedicated to consensual play between adults seeking fulfillment of their dark kinky desires.  I started my career as a professional Dominatrix there.

When Fakir and I married, he gifted me with a real dungeon, built into our garage by a carpenter who knew what we were up to!  I went all out with my vision.  Redwood walls for warmth,  height for suspension, versatility to accommodate the scenes I most want to create.

Come in.

The first thing you’ll notice are the mirrors!  Yes, mirrors so you can see yourself all tied up or being flogged and one more over the sling for that ecstatic suspension ride. Scenes leave a lasting empowering impression when you can see yourself!

Believe me you will always remember the first time you stand naked, collared and cuffed and your Top is flogging your back. You see the two of you in the mirror….It is a ritual of initiation to really see yourself.  And that moment is priceless!

One-of-a-kind furniture is a passion of mine. I found this all metal chair by the door at an antique dealer. Perfect for bondage.  Made of a tractor seat, disk harrows, horseshoes and the shiny round ends of a horse bridle that had been sitting in a Palo Alto shop for ever! The dealer was so glad I wanted it then!  Mine for a great low price.

My toys grace the walls in an orderly fashion, floggers to canes, leather mitts to cuffs, hoods to gags, hemostats to cock rings or ball bags.  Makes the bottom wonder what is coming next.  Most of the time I do not know either.  The right implement seems to jump off the walls into my hands as the energy builds, just like Gloria and Charles discovered. See my blog post “Whoosh!” for the full story.

No Windows, no clock, time stands still!

No Windows, no clock, time stands still! Photo by Fakir

I love my rope web.  Waldemar started it. Then it was zen, simple geometry. Year after year I added colored ropes to keep it really tight.  I like  you to  bounce when I push you against it. When I am in my bratty bottom mode, I too love to get slammed against it by my Dominant partner.

Many of my scenes come to their climax on the big black leather bondage table suspended by heavy chains at the far end of the room. It once belonged to Cynthia Slater, the bisexual woman who founded The Society of Janus.  Her beloved one of a kind  bondage table found its second home as did quite a few of my paddles, floggers, shackles and even my Catacombs sling when so many Leatherfolk got taken by HIV/Aids.  None of us want our beloved equipment to end up in a landfill!

Photo by Cleo Dubois

Photo by Cleo Dubois

We treasure our toys. They carry our energy.

Last year I added a cozy futon for comfort and aftercare.  Perhaps I am mellowing, just a bit!!!

Having your own dedicated playspace is a great luxury. I use mine privately and to guide others in their explorations. The energy in any room entirely dedicated to erotic journeys is palpable. The stage is set for your Top or bottom persona to blossom and let your magic unfold!  May you be blessed with a chance to create your own… or visit mine!

But please, never forget that no matter how fabulous the location or high-end the toys, they only enhance the erotic connection we create in trust with our partners, the essential foundation to any erotic power exchange.

In Kink with Heart,
Cleo Dubois

I’m in the middle of teaching a three day Intensive!  Join me next Saturday for a look at how sexy embarrassment can be!

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