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Heavy Metal, Sleepless Night

Kinky world’s two greatest paradoxes: Bondage equals Freedom, Pain is Pleasure. A bondage trip is a great ride and trust is the ticket. For some heavy metal locks and chains  launches a liberating and erotic flight.  Philip, a  computer scientist  consumed with logic and used to being in control,  knows that his desire for physical restraint just won’t go away; it is difficult for him to get out of his head and captivity does it. He visited me for his monthly session for several years. His biggest fantasy was to spend an entire night as my captive. I eventually agreed to do it.

My dear friend John, a Leatherman, shares Philip’s fetish for heavy metal.  An entire wall if his basement dungeon is covered with his huge collection of metal shackles, black steel collars and menacing locking devices.  There is also  an imposing metal chair that looks like an electric chair to me  and a human-sized, dark steel cage.

Delighted at the prospect of sharing my  “prisoner,” John says, “Yes, bring him for the night.”

As instructed, Phillip rings the doorbell at exactly 9:43pm. John, impeccably attired in his tailored, black leather military uniform, opens the door.“Take off your clothes,” he barks. Phillip complies, folding his clothes into a tidy pile.“Pick them up and follow me at a three-foot distance.”

To fuel Philip’s imagination, I had asked John to secure our prisoner before I made my entrance. As I walk into the bondage chamber, I  see Philip locked down on the steel chair, arms, legs, ankles and head restrained by devices welded to the seat. He looks relieved to see me. Our eyes meet and we connect. I approach him, holding out his favorite nipple clamps and without hesitation affix them to his quivering nipples. Nothing he can do about it!

Knowing that I derive pleasure from his surrender, he breathes deeply into the intensity. I reward him with the slightest curl of a smile. And squeeze harder.  His eyes become a deep blue pool of warm water and he moans.

When Philip’s nipples become so tender he can‘t take any more, I have John secure him to the stark cold wall with chains and metal cuffs, his back exposed for John’s flogger. Standing next to Philip I whisper encouragements. “Take it for me! I know you can!”  I am one to enjoy the power of man-on-man SM!


Photo by Cleo Dubois

One treasured item in Philip’s overnight fantasy is to wear a chastity belt. John has an extensive collection. I choose one that locks shut with an Allen wrench. “That’s a tricky one,” John tells me, “It is hard to open.” “Perfect.” What a great gruff jailor he is!

We open the heavy door of the cage and on all fours, he goes in.  Click of the lock.  There is a mat and a small pillow.  He will be ok, I assure myself!

As planned, John wakes Philip up in the morning.  Unlocking the chastity device he notices how turned on our prisoner is and escorts him to the shower before our “debriefing.”  During our aftercare discussion, it becomes clear that Philip rested a lot better than I did.  Although I knew that I could hear him, should he be in trouble, I slept fitfully. Meanwhile, Philip has had one of the best night’s sleep filled with delicious erotic dreams!  It turns out I was the one in need of aftercare!  I had agreed to a play a role I do not enjoy for more than a couple of hours at the time. Not again! Lesson learned.

Sometimes bottoms will experience a bounce following a prolonged scene. It happened over breakfast.

Phillip has his mindset on going to the “Best breakfast in San Francisco” which turned  out to be a greasy spoon on Market Street. We order. 30mn later our food had not come.  Our ticket  got lost!!  I want to leave. There is an excellent Italian deli down the block. Philip insists an American breakfast and goes right into full straight guy “I’m  the boss” mode. I put my foot down.

“Phillip,” I say, “You were my consensual prisoner last night and we treated you well. Now I’m your captive. My car is three miles away.  You just had this fantastic fantasy time while I did not sleep out of concern for you.  I looked him right in the eyes and said, “breathe.”  He heard me, picked up his laptop, and returned to his courteous self as we walked two blocks to  the deli. Balance restored!

In kink with heart,

Cleo Dubois
When I’m not writing my blog and learning more about social media, I love to mentor couples interested in the eroticism of mutually satisfying private BDSM play and I teach weekend Intensives in San Francisco.

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