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Whoosh! That was NOT a Candy Cane!

My friend Selina Raven with her cane ( ) photo by Larry Utley ( )

My friend Selina Raven with her cane. Photo by Larry Utley

Happy New Year!  My wishes for you: if your kink has only been online, go further!

First, here is a really funny song about online only fetlifers.  Master Johnny Fetlife Blues

I can’t compare the physical and emotional feelings real play evokes. Virtual reality doesn’t come close.  In the flesh, erotic power exchange is so much more! Don’t let my stories freak you out!  As we unveil our fantasies, set our boundaries as Tops, bottoms or switches, our personal power will grow. Safe, sane and consensual, yes, and also daring, sexy, spontaneous and loving!  Experience is a great teacher. Take it slowly.

Let me tell you about Gloria and Charles.  They enjoy their kink together and came visit my dungeon last week. Married (yes, to each other), they already knew they liked to switch.  Gloria wants to be better at taking control.  “I’d like to be more able to structure our scene and be in control of it, with fluidity and a sense of dramaturgy and dynamic. I don’t want to be some kind of boring dominant bitch.  I don’t want to lose touch with how much I love Charles – I want to celebrate that love and respect.”

As for Charles, he was pretty clear about his desires: I would like to be spanked or flogged and for Her to push my limits.”

When we were in my office negotiating, I really wasn’t sure  if she could go that far.

Once Gloria changed into a super short shiny black PVC dress and spiked heels, her whole manner shifted.  Clearly she had stepped into her Dominant persona.

Quick to pick up the cues I was giving her, we flogged her man together.  Next thing I knew, one of my favorite rattan canes practically jumped off the dungeon wall into my hand, telling me it was the right implement.  I simply handed it to Gloria.  Glancing at Charles, I noticed the excitement in his eyes. Focused on his Mistress, his body stayed relaxed. She instinctively knew what to do and gave him one really hard stroke right across his upper thighs.

She looked majestic, eyes ablaze. “Wow,” I said, “did you feel that?”  Her gleeful laugh told me that  she did.  And yet she put the cane down on the bondage table. No, no, she was not done. I saw that she enjoyed herself and had a sadistic streak!   So I handed her my red cane again.  As she struck the cheeks of his ass, that glorious loving sadist archetype lit her up.  The room was buzzing with their hot energy.

It’s like that!  Sometimes it just clicks! It’s really all about energy and tuning in!

Of course, skills do come in handy!  Let me know if I can help!

May your play be safe, sexy and vibrant as we enter the New Year!

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  1. It’s all about the energy. Love this!

    January 7, 2013

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