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Mirrors, Redwood, Chains and Leather

Ah, 50 Shades of everything these days! Even Oprah's on it!
As pointed out in Lisa Ling’s new series “Shades of Kink” exploring BDSM, many powerful men like Phillip visit professional Dominatrixes to release control and find freedom in the world of bondage, masochism and submission. And truly they have been doing it for decades!

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Heavy Metal, Sleepless Night

Kinky world's two greatest paradoxes: Bondage equals Freedom, Pain is Pleasure. A bondage trip is a great ride and trust is the ticket. For some heavy metal locks and chains launches a liberating and erotic flight. Philip, a computer scientist consumed with logic and used to being in control, knows that his desire for physical restraint just won’t go away; it is difficult for him to get out of his head and captivity does it.

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Stoking The Fires!

Every scene we play is a dance of erotic improvisation where each step carries consent. When I push a submissive to take a little more for me, I often whisper in their ears “I am not hearing your safeword.” Armed with two safewords, yellow for “please check with me,” and red for “STOP,” any new Top can proceed with confidence.

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Whoosh! That was NOT a Candy Cane!

I can’t compare the physical and emotional feelings real play evokes. Virtual reality doesn’t come close. In the flesh, erotic power exchange is so much more! Don’t let my stories freak you out! ...Experience is a great teacher!

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