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Bewitching Shift!

Film still from Cleo Dubois' educational documentary, "The Pain Game"

Film still from Cleo Dubois’ educational documentary, “The Pain Game”

Imagine you’re sitting with some 75 other kinksters in a large hotel banquet room at Thunder in the Mountains Leather Conference.  In front of you, Creed, centered and strong, dances in fierce masochism under the sharp blows of my floggers on her supple body.  Unrestrained , she wears nothing besides boots  and a  leather G-string.

She breathes heavily as I strike her muscular  back.  When ordered, she turns facing you and offers her breasts to the stingy caresses of my whip until  I see fire in her eyes.  She is reaching her pain limit and approaching her resilient edge of resistance. I grab her blond hair and bring her to her knees.  I don’t let go until her lips kiss the tops of my black boots. I savor her devotion. As I gently lift her head you and I are both touched by how magnificent she is.

Versatility has much to offer, if we dare.  

Masochistic full power bottom is not Creed ’s only persona, nor the sole purpose of my presentation. I have been in the Scene long enough to know that  few of us players truly occupy only one place on the kink continuum. My intention is to demonstrate how hot switching can be and to add a bit of gender twist to it.

Creed in DragMoments after the last scene, Creed reappears, hair tucked under an uniform cap.  Nightstick hanging menacingly on her belt, she harasses this young man who she caught looking for trouble in the dark alley of their mutual fantasy. Now she looks and feels masculine, forcing him to his knees as she unzips her fly to reveal a big black silicone dick.  She shoves it in the pretty boy open mouth as he struggles to take it all the way. He is gagging as she fucks his face with obvious excitement. He loses himself in his desire to please her.

I feel the energy shift in the room as those who lusted after her as a femme bottom began squirming in her presence as a macho officer.  Her transformation is more than a matter of changing costumes, although the right attire more than matters!  It’s what is harbored within that is revealed as we dare explore our sexual fantasies. Transformations are about embodying the various facets of yourself.

Creed and I  are good friends and of course, I have her permission to tell you this story and share the pics. In 2000 we made “The Pain Game.”  She was my powerful bottom in an intimate SM ritual. The film is a classic and I have DVDs.

Look into the mirror of your fantasies and see your many reflections.

These erotic games of control and surrender can take us hot places not acceptable outside the bedroom, dungeon or Leather Conference. Don’t be afraid; while you may be holding the key to healing old wounds, you could find yourself having fun in ways you never knew possible.

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  1. Sam #

    I remember it well…it was SO hot! Thanks for sharing!

    December 17, 2012

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