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Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been active in the real BDSM Leather Kink Scene in San Francisco for a long time and have lots to share. Not fiction,  but my truth, real stories about the pleasures, joys, discoveries and challenges I have encountered along my path from community player to professional Domina to Kink Coach and ritualist.

I haven’t always known I was kinky.  Passionate yes. Sexually adventurous?  Certainly. But it wasn’t until Bob,  my sweet, poly  lover,  took me to Mistress Kat‘s groundbreaking SM seminar in San Francisco that I discovered my deep-rooted sadomasochistic tendencies.

Trained in  sensual  massage and devoted to pleasuring his lovers, Bob had a feeling that I might be  kinky!  Well, he was right!  After a  very  clear explanation of  what constituted consensual dominance and submission  She  collared and whipped her lover, “mouse,” turning him on and humbling him at once. She  too  was  having  a great time and her arousal was contagious.

A big light went off in my head.  Here was the fire I had not found in vanilla sex!

Soon after, I joined the first California leather support group, Society of Janus. That was 30 years ago.  In those days, you had to bottom before you dared top. Volunteering for their monthly programs, I got spanked, flogged, tied up, teased and tormented, fisted and appreciated.

Before I go any further, you do know what BDSM stands for, right?

[BDSM] means you want to include as part of your sex life elements of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and/or sadism and masochism in order to go deeper in trust, intimacy and pleasure with your partner.  In The Scene, we call it play, but believe me, it is much bigger than that!  Playing on both sides of the whip and guiding adventurous adults how to navigate these waters since 1995, I’ve learned a lot about the interplay of sex, heart and psyche.

For real players who use BDSM, as my dear friend Mark Thompson writes in “Leatherfolk,

”Black leather is not just stylish affectation, but rather a still daring symbol of cultural transgression and personal transformation…and the urge is to push personal and public boundaries on the sexual frontier as far as they will go…Radical sexual experience is a triumphant reminder to live in the Now…For many in the leather community today, S/M actually means sex magic.  It is [our] means of taking a shamanic journey into the other world of personal and collective myth.  It is in that secret inner place where healing occurs.”

Passionate, fierce, experiential.  No slave fantasies here nor 50 shades of romantic kinky mind fucks, this blog will have many vibrant colors, bringing our dark side into light. And because this is a path of discovery, empowerment and pleasure for Top and bottoms, switches and versatile players, we can heal, reclaim and embody our sexuality one scene at the time, one aspect of our rich, psycho-erotic potential at a time.

What excites me?  Energy and communication, power and vulnerability that exposes our sexual primal hunger; real erotic exchanges. Every Saturday about 10am, I will post a true story of dancing in the exciting realms where fantasy play brings us closer to our partners.

In kink with heart,
Cléo Dubois

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  1. Congratulations on your lovely blog and a fabulous first post!

    December 1, 2012

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