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Ritual Recipe – Savory or Sweet?

Here we are at the door of 2013 with its joys and challenges ahead. A traditional time for rituals, new year resolutions, kissing under the mistletoe...but how about something different?
A body rite.

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What? Me Surrender…

Dominant is my primary mode of operation. That is where I live. I pay attention not only to the energy but also to every detail when I play. But when I, “the almighty caring sadistic Top,” got on my knees, I found it a real challenge to give up control.

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Bewitching Shift!

Imagine you’re sitting with some 75 other kinksters in a large hotel banquet room at Thunder in the Mountains Leather Conference. In front of you, Creed, centered and strong, dances in fierce masochism under the sharp blows of my floggers on her supple body. Unrestrained , she wears nothing besides boots and a leather G-string.

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First Love, First Top Scene!

When you hear the word Dominatrix, do you envision a scantily clad slender woman in latex, thigh high boots and bitchy demeanor? Well, if you do, think again, because I never fit that stereotype.

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