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Extreme Ritual Art

Every summer since 1996, I have joined my kinky tribe in the woods to receive two piercings on my upper chest and, tethered to a rope or the firm grip of a friend’s hand, I pull. Hard. Harder. Why? To me it is a body meditation, an energy prayer, a way to re-center and be still, a ritual of the heart...

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Equality without Exception!

What a marvelous sunny happy day in San Francisco! A gorgeous Sunday afternoon for a long parade filled with a joyousness I hope will lead to even more progress! Yes, Love wins! Love is love.

A bit before that momentous decision, I was interviewed by Woody and the Beast from Nashville, Tennessee for their podcast, called ...

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Remembering The Future…

...where it all comes together! At the Citadel for an evening with newcomers to kink, my 50 shades or rather, brilliant colors of real BDSM class is about to start. As I look at my audience’s inquisitive faces, I see how the pieces of my own energetic puzzle fit together. No, this was not going to be another technique presentation. It’s not what we do, it’s HOW we do it! And WHY.

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Spring Cleaning

At the beginning of every Intensive, we share what brought us to Kink. Many of my students have memories of early BDSM fantasies triggered by magazines or films, cherished during puberty, sometimes sooner. That was not my case. My fantasies were of romantic love, being swept away by my Prince Charmant. And then.........

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